We enjoy long standing relationships with clients from a wide range of industries and have built strong partnerships across the media landscape.

Active International maintains itself as a service orientated business and prides itself on the aftercare it provides – which is why many of our clients and partners have been working with us for many years.

With Clients

Active International’s long term relationships with Australian clients such as Freedom, Harris Scarfe, Twinings, O'Brien and Pepsico are a testament to the Extra Value that Active has delivered to excess stock and redundant equipment.

We also continue to work alongside clients to deliver new business and boost marketing budgets.

Our clients range in scope from Australia's top advertisers to those new to spending on above the line advertising and using Corporate Trade to supplement their spend. Our clients can be found in every main industry vertical including manufacturing, retail, electronics, airlines, hotels, automotive, FMCG, finance and more.


About us

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With Media Partners

Our media partners play a pivotal role in allowing us to help clients use their product to increment ad budgets, protect ad budgets, and position themselves as a viable route for Trade-funded ad spend. This incremental revenue is placed via Active's media partners in the form of advertising.

It’s at this point that our media partners benefit from Active's role in the Corporate Trade process as we are able to turn our client's products into cash or another service that they may require, such as travel, staff entertainment, office furniture, marketing etc.

Whether it’s accepting payment in media space rather than cash, making up-front cash investments in return for a multiple of media space, or generating a marketing budget to promote their own portfolio, there are many ways in which Active works with media partners to add value. This diligence makes Corporate Trade as valuable to them as it is to our corporate clients.

It’s for all of these reasons that Active works in partnership with almost every single key media owner in Australia.

Case Study

Case study guaranteed ROI solution – mobile telephony contract
Telecoms Major mobile network

A major mobile network looking for a USP when pitching for corporate contracts found the resources they needed thanks to Active Corporate Trading.

Our Team

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With Media Agencies

Active International Australia works alongside media agencies to deliver Extra Value to clients. We currently work with top media agencies including Phd, Carat, Havas, OMD, Mindshare and Zenith Optimedia. We trade large media billings across TV, press, radio, OOH, digital and cinema.

Active’s involvement in funding your media spend should not change your current planning, approval and invoicing processes. By working with us you will be able to increment your marketing budget and unlock the value held in your stock, or ensure that your campaigns will deliver guaranteed ROI even before your ad is aired.

As part of the Corporate Trading process, Active will work with your media agency to identify areas of your plan that can be part funded with stock. We can make recommendations for additional areas to be included in the plan to maximise the value generated.

What makes this even better?

  • We do not replace our clients’ agencies – they remain to negotiate and plan the media
  • We do not undercut media agencies – all media is paid for at your negotiated rates
  • We do not reduce the quality – all media acquired is as per your media plan
  • We do not affect agency remuneration – we work on a net basis.



Case Study

Case study guaranteed ROI solution – fast food chain
Food & Drink Fast Food Chain

A known fast food chain were looking to use VOD for the first time, but were concerned about the potential new business that the digital campaign would generate. We worked in partnership with them to create an effective strategy prior to rollout.

Case study guaranteed ROI solution – general retail

Case Studies

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