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RETAIL Cross Purchase Solution

Cross Purchase Solution
Cross Purchase Solution

Finding new business routes and new customers is a constant challenge for most businesses, working with Active International can guarantee ROI from your marketing spend even before your campaign goes live.


The challenge

This company has a history of trading with Active International in overseas markets, which lead to the client considering local corporate trade opportunities with Active International Australia. There was no excess stock issue which needed solving, but the client wanted to guarantee ROI from its first line or seconds products


Our solution

  • Active identified a demand for first line products from clients and suppliers which would not impact on the client’s wholesale or retail business as well as a client-approved clearance channel for second’s products.
  • The client briefed their media agency to collaborate with Active on their annual planning. This ensured value could be delivered back to the client as bookings through Active’s media partners were made.

  • The media volume agreed by all media partners created guaranteed 20% ROI which was delivered back to the client in incremental product sales over an agreed period of time.

The Benefits

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This solution could work for you if you...

  • Have a product and/or service

  • Want to attract new customers

  • Are looking to increment Marketing budgets