Interview with Adam Furness RadiumOne

Posted by Jamie Lee Harris Corporate Trade
13 7 2015

Adam Furness, Director of Strategic Accounts APAC talks programmatic and RadiumOne's presence in Australia.

What is it about Programmatic that excites you most?

The speed of change - and being confronted by what I don't know and what I need to learn every day - is what excites me most about programmatic. I love this world, where innovation is merging data-led advertising and creative execution more and more all the time. A world where CMOs and CTOs are best friends and creative agencies are employing data scientists. The disruption programmatic has caused to traditional business and the way technology has forced clients, agencies and media owners alike to rethink their futures, also excites me.

RadiumOne is in its 2nd year of operations in Australia. What has been the highlight to date?

The three highlights that stand out most in my mind are:

  • When we landed on our new positioning statement, articulating what we do and our real uniqueness. A very simple thing I know, but it literally took us a year to be able to really land it it in a few succinct words and that is, " RadiumOne unlocks the value of sharing".
  • Being shortlisted for the Mumbrella Awards digital services company of the year was huge for us, and;
  • Placing our first employee into Asia. A massive milestone as we scale the business right across the APAC region.

What are the top 3 benefits programmatic advertising offers to clients?

  • Efficiency - reaching relevant audiences at scale cost effectively.
  • Insights – the ability to gain learnings about consumers interacting with advertising, through overlaying data and acting on these insights via paid media.
  • Real-time advertising - acting on consumer interest and intent signals as soon as they happen. For example, a consumer sharing an article about an Audi A4 (signaling their interest) receives a display ad on the new Audi A4 milliseconds after they have shared the content, while they are still reading their morning news on



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