Marketing management helps marketers unlock value in the media and marketing budgets

Posted by Darren Woolley, Founder and Global CEO, TrinityP3 Company News
13 7 2015

Mr Wolf of Marketing Communication, Darren Wooley explains how TrinityP3 offer independent advise to clients and agencies on more effective ways to invest their media budget and more efficient ways of delivering the results.

Fifteen years ago I was sitting in my office at JWT thinking about the fact that on one side there were marketers engaging with a wide range of agencies for their services and on the other hand there were agencies providing services to their marketers. Yet for the huge investment in time and effort by the agency and time and money by the marketers there appeared an opportunity for an independent third party to advise both parties on more effective ways to invest this budget and more efficient ways of delivering the results. This was the start of what became TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants.

For the past decade we have built a consulting business across Australia and NZ and then into Asia based on helping marketer achieve their commercial purpose through the creative process. This was initially focused on production and then agency remuneration and selection and of course media. Over time we have transformed our approach from what was initially a cost consulting service to being able to provide our clients with a strategy approach to measuring, managing and maximizing their marketing budget.

Today we work with some of the biggest global advertisers and major local advertisers across Australia and Asia. Our services extend from production management, agency selections, roster management; strategic supplier alignment, marketing restructuring and media process management.

The biggest issue facing marketers is effectively dealing with the increased complexity of the market place. Driven primarily by technology. The increasing number of channels and the changing consumer demands and behaviours has never been more evident than in media consumption. One of the key areas we work with marketers is to ensure they have maximised the media value in their current media arrangements. Instead of focusing on the media cost (media auditing) we work with our clients to help them find and unlock the media value within their budget and to reduce the waste and loss of value inherent in many arrangements.

It was in about 5 years ago in the USA I became aware of Active international and their role in corporate trade. At the time corporate trade was not high on the radar in Australia or Asia, but as we began to understand it more it offered many of our clients an effective way of unlocking value to fund their media investment. After all, few companies are in a position to fully invest in their media requirements to the level required. This focus on helping marketers unlock the value of their media investment was a natural fit leading to us entering into a partnership to assist advertisers and marketers across Asia-Pacific.

Right now, TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants is working with more than thirty companies on more than 50 projects across more than six markets in Asia Pacific. But we are always available to help more marketers unlock value in the media and marketing budgets

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