Dean Wilson celebrates 10 years at Active

Posted by Sophia Furness
14 7 2015

I joined Active being intrigued by the business model and the potential for the business.

2015 marks your tenth year at Active International. What brought you to this business and what made you stay for that long?

I joined Active being intrigued by the business model and the potential for the business. A friend of mine was in the business so I already had some insight from a trusted source about the barter industry. I have often wondered why I have stayed so long myself, and the answer is easy.

Every single day is an adventure at Active. We are involved in buying and selling goods around the world, media placement, partnering with media vendors not to mention the freight and travel businesses we run. It would need to take something pretty special to entice me away from such a varied and fun role.

How would you describe your approach to people management?  

Active’s best assets and biggest expense leave the office at the end of each working day, and that means it is important to  me to put the culture of the team at the centre of our thinking and business practices. We have a very inclusive, transparent and exciting culture mixed with our entrepreneurial trading spirit.

I value a highly personable approach to managing our teams as everyone is important within their role and we all have a common profit goal and incentive scheme. This means, come what may, we are in it together and we win and lose together. I think that is something that creates great team spirit, collaboration and motivation.

What do you see in people that work at Active International?

Over the years we have debated what makes a great ‘Activian’ and it has never come down to a certain skillset or education. The thing that has made great Activians over the years is one of attitude and mindset.

Our best people are self-starters, risk takers and people who never give up.

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