Active in Joint Venture with Ultravision to provide highest quality digital screens to OOH

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10 5 2015

Active International proudly announces a joint venture with Ultravision International to provide digital screens for OOH Media around the world.

The announcement coincides with the joint venture, called Ultravision Technologies, LLC. with its first large transaction with Clear Channel in London. The result is an exciting new business for Active, involving both the domestic and international divisions—one that the marketplace is embracing very quickly.

According to Cameron Swan, Active’s Managing Director, the joint venture will be doing business as Ultravision International and it was born out of an effective attempt to provide another service to Active’s trading partners.

“We are excited to be the first to partner with one of the biggest manufacturers In the world, Ultravision who are renown as the world’s innovator in the highest quality of digital screens. A relationship between Ultravision and Active couldn’t be a better way to do business in the digital Out-of-Home marketplace. Since Active purchases a significant amount of Out-of-Home advertising, it makes us a very viable partner when seeking to place digital screens in outdoor venues” Cameron explained.

Besides advertising expertise, what makes the joint venture powerful in the marketplace is the quality of the screen provided by Ultravision. "Apart from the outstanding quality what makes these screens remarkable is that the Ultravision screens run at 20% less cost and power,” Cameron added.

The combination of better performing screens, lower-cost in power consumption, more efficient lighting for billboards along with the capabilities of Active, the leader in corporate trade, puts the joint venture in a highly competitive position right at its launch. Just recently Clear Channel, one of the largest Out-of-Home providers in the world, announced it had acquired 40 screens from Ultravision International and are planning to place them throughout London.

“Clear Channel has reset the bar for all Out-of-Home advertisers, said William Hall, CEO and Co-Founder, Ultravision International. “Ultravison’s patented-pending UltraPanel LED displays, are light-weight, modular in design and interlock like Legos. They also use less electricity, which ultimately reduces total cost of installation and operation. Clear Channel’s decision to partner with Ultravision and Active was brilliant and reflects the bright vitality of London and its people.”

“The synergy of Active and Ultravision offers the capability to offer the highest quality, best performing product in the market while offering our Australian media partners an opportunity to trade with Active to acquire these screens” Cameron said.

While the joint venture provides a great opportunity for Active, it comes as part of the company’s desire to consistently widen its service to media suppliers. “Ultravision International gives some of our media partners something they want and now have a trading opportunity by which to acquire it. That’s staying in our core business, but greatly widening our capability to trade,” Cameron concluded.


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